You need a website care plan in 2020

Most folks build a website and then they forget about it. They hope that it’ll bring in some new business or maybe get a few newsletter sign-ups and that’s pretty much it. They really don’t give their website much thought until there’s a problem.

Here are a few reasons you might want to consider a website care plan in the coming year.

Regular backups. 

They say you never need a backup…  until you need a backup. A good care plan will backup your site regularly to a secure off-site location. I’ve learned this is important the hard way. Enough said. 

You need a website care plan in 2020 1

Software updates. 

Just like your cell phone and laptop, a web server is a computer that requires periodic maintenance and software updates. Likewise, your website is made of software which also requires updates and some maintenance. A website care plan covers the time necessary to update your software and ensure there are no conflicts so your site can perform optimally.  And the search engines like fast websites.

Content updates. 

From time-to-time you’d like to add content to your website, perhaps a new page or maybe swap out an image. Some firms charge hourly for such things, but most care plans have a provision for adding and editing the content on your website.  Nobody likes to get nickeled and dimed for minor changes.

Premium Hosting

Yes, you can buy bargain hosting for your website really cheap.  But it’s shared with literally hundreds, perhaps thousands of other websites, all vying for the same processing power and computer memory.  It usually doesn’t end well. Upgraded hosting, included in website care plans, will give your website all of the power it needs.

Website security.  

With all of the news of data breaches and website hacks, it should be no surprise that periodic website security checks should be put into place. Lately, my social media has been blowing up with examples of such hacks and software intrusion. Regular security scans can keep you protected. 

Peace of mind. 

When you have a change or update for your website, you never have to wonder if it got done. Our website care plans take that burden from you.

Learn more at https://livingwaterdigital.com/website-care/


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