COVID-19 Announcement

While many folks have had to put life (and work) on hold,  We’ve been busier than ever and operating under expanded business hours and operations. Right now, more people than ever are online, and many businesses are adapting to this new reality.

For us, the transition has been almost non-existent, as we’ve operated in Manitowoc (and Murfreesboro before that) from anywhere we had a WiFi connection.  Office, home office, coffee shop, hospital – you name it.

For businesses that don’t have that type of flexibility, this is a demanding time and also an opportunity for many to streamline, rethink, retool, or get online.

Here are a few resources for our Manitowoc area clients:

We have some announcements:

  • We are taking on new clients.
  • Office hours are still M-F, 9 am-5 pm, and hosting/care plan services are available all day every day through your client portal. Please login and create a support task or message us via our chatbot.
  • As usual, meetings are mostly held via Zoom/Meet/Facetime (with or without video), but as the situation loosens up, we can also strategically meet in real life (IRL) lol.
  • We’ve been providing simple Covid-19 related updates for client websites at no cost, so they won’t take away from your support tasks.
  • We now accept credit cards through Stripe for your convenience.

Stay safe, connect with your friends and family, practice social distancing as appropriate, and if you need help, please reach out.

We can do this.

— Ken