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Look more professional online and get revenue-boosting results.

what we do

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web design

This is the bedrock of your online presence. I'll make sure it's right.

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Presenting the right message at the right time in the right place.

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website care

Often neglected (with dire consequences) a site needs proper care.

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Does your site comply with new ADA, GPDR, & CCPA regulations?

who we do it for

Living Water Digital is laser-focused on providing successful businesses with expert analysis, web design, digital marketing, and website care & support needs.

We like to work with those that understand that a professional presence online correlates with a professional outcome.

Our current clients include medical and other professional services, tourism hubs, non-profits, civic organizations, nonprofits and e-commerce companies.

If you’d like to make an impression and remain competitive online, let’s talk.

how we work

Call #1

We’ve met with lots of great folks that know they need help but aren’t sure where they are when it comes to reaching goals.

Call #1 will bring some clarity to you.  If we hit it off and it makes sense to move forward, we’ll ask you to fill out an intake form and schedule call #2 – to dig a little deeper into your project requirements.

Call #2

In this call, we’ll ask some probing questions because we need to really know the ‘Why’ so we can determine the ‘How’. 

Most times, this is enough information to outline your project scope, timeline, and cost.

Plan it

If we agree on a plan designed to meet your goals, we’ll write up the scope, timeline and cost into an agreement.

After the agreement is signed and the deposit collected, we’ll schedule your project and begin onboarding.

website FAQs

How much will it cost to design my website?

It’s a very popular question, and here’s the only right answer.

It costs just enough, and not a penny more.

I know, I know - you genuinely need to know right now... but before you get me on a diatribe about [insert reason pricing before understanding is a bad idea], let’s just cut to the chase -

You’re going to expect the website to DO SOMETHING. That might be something very general like ‘convey our company culture’ or more specific such as ‘generate 30 more phone calls per month’.

The work that goes into your project is dependent on what you need it to do, and right now I just don’t know what that is.

That’s why we have a process - and ask important questions - perhaps some that you haven’t thought about recently.

We need to understand you, your business & goals - and what problems our solution will solve. When we’re done, we’ll know what success looks like to you.

Any other approach is a waste of time.

Here are some questions we’ll ask:

  • How are your customers going to find you?
  • What do visitors want to do when they land on your site?
  • What will success look like after 6 months?
  • Are you selling products online? Scheduling appointments?
  • Will visitors log in to the site for members-only content?
  • Do you have branding covered? Is it working?
  • How many web pages do you have? How many will you need?
  • Are we revamping your site? What’s working - or not working - on the existing site?
  • Who is writing your web content?
  • Do you have imagery that dramatically showcases your products and services?

We’re just scratching the surface here. We’ll ask a lot more before proposing a price with our solution.

Contact us to get started.

How long will it take to build my website?
The timeline to create your website is determined by a number of things, including:
  • Scope of the work.
  • Current workload of our team.
  • How responsive you are in providing feedback and content.
That said, a basic business website typically takes 2-4 weeks. Large e-commerce and more complicated projects can take 1 - 3 months and may depend on whether third party collaborators are involved. Also, are you using our marketing services? If you want to work with a web development company in Manitowoc who will take the time to determine an exact scope, cost, and timeline for your project, we welcome you to contact us.
Will I own my website?

Yes!  In fact, that’s one of my pet-peeves.  I wrote about it here.  I strongly encourage every small business to ‘own your stuff’.

Once your final payment is received, copyright is automatically assigned as follows:

You own the textual content, images and other data you’ve provided (unless of course someone else owns them), also graphics and other visual elements that we created for you for this project.

You’ll get a copy of all files (and you should store them very safely as we are not required to keep them or provide any native source files we used to make them).

WordPress is open-source software, so you have full rights to the usage of the code as well including the CSS, HTML, PHP, etc.  If commercially licensed services, tools, software are a part of your new site, the license to use same is included in our agreement for as long as we have one.  Should we part ways, you may want to acquire your own license.

Will you be there for me after the website is complete?

Of course.

We host and maintain our client's sites after they are created through our care plans.
Need help with marketing efforts or want to add a chatbot? We’ve got you.
Want to add something new down the road? Sounds like fun.
We love seeing our clients grow and we’re there for you each step of the way.

Can you work with my Marketing team?

We can augment your existing marketing firm with design, copywriting, compliance, and help from our SEO specialists to get you more traffic.

Online marketing requires different tools and tactics than most traditional marketing agencies are equipped with.

We’re happy to work with your marketing team.

What other services do you provide?

Mostly just:

  • bespoke WordPress websites
  • content marketing
  • website compliance
  • more sales leads with online marketing
  • chatbot programming
  • web traffic through search engine optimization
  • website tune-ups
  • web development
  • new websites
  • UI design & user experience (UX)
  • social media marketing
  • email marketing
  • marketing strategy
  • conversion optimization
  • reputation marketing

client feedback

Want to learn more?

It all starts with a 15-minute conversation.

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