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Marketing Intelligence

At Chamber or other business gatherings, the biggest complaint I hear about advertising is “I don’t know if it’s working or not”.

It’s a valid frustration.  Most websites don’t have intelligent marketing tools installed correctly.  Worse, they’re difficult to understand out of the box.

With our Premium Care Plan, you’ll know what works, without an IT degree.

safety net

Your website is software, and like an app on your phone, it needs regular updates.

Did you know – the leading cause of hacked websites is out of date software?  

Website Care Plans keep everything up-to-date and optimized.

If something should ever break, I’ll get you back on track, fast.

personal connection

Nothing against off-shore support centers – hey, some of them are great.  But when they aren’t, it can be frustrating.

I’ll take the time to know you.  And your business.  So if your website isn’t working – it’s like MY website isn’t working.

You’ll talk to me every time you call, email, or text  – someone that knows you and your company by name.

peace of mind

Get’r done – When you have a change, update or other support task for your website that you don’t want to do – I’ll take care of it in a timely manner. 

You’ll never have to wonder if it got done – or – even think about it again.

Compliance – Care Plan clients are eligible for services that increase your website compliance with ADA, GPDR & CCPA guidelines.

sometimes you need an expert.

Power-up your website

Ken's headshot

I’m a WordPress expert. I’ve been working with it almost exclusively since 2004.

Additionally, I’m no spring chicken. I have over 30 years in the online space. I make it my business – literally – to know what’s going on with WordPress and the Web as it relates to getting things done. I’m on top of it so you don’t have to be.

I love to provide advice and strategy for your site, social media marketing, or anything business related. 

Remember, I’m only an email, chat or phone call away.

Decisions, Decisions. Not sure? Cover yourself with BASIC & upgrade later.


Unlimited Support, Speed, Consultation
$ 197
  • No Long-Term Contracts
  • Premium Website Hosting
  • Software & Security Updates
  • Daily Security Scanning
  • 24/7 Uptime Monitoring
  • Cloud Backups - 4x Daily
  • Site Restore
  • Training Video Library
  • Unlimited Support Tasks*
  • Priority Support
  • Monthly Performance Report
  • Custom Site Analytics
  • Speed Optimization
  • Scan and Fix Broken Links
  • Database optimization
  • Quarterly Website Review
  • Monthly Consultation Call


Priority Support, Analytics
$ 97
  • No Long-Term Contracts
  • Premium Website Hosting
  • Software & Security Updates
  • Daily Security Scanning
  • 24/7 Uptime Monitoring
  • Cloud Backups - Daily
  • Site Restore
  • Training Video Library
  • Up to 5 Support Tasks*
  • Priority Support
  • Monthly Performance Report
  • Basic Site Analytics


Just the essentials
$ 57
  • No Long-Term Contracts
  • Premium Website Hosting
  • Software & Security Updates
  • Cloud Backups - Monthly
  • Site Restore
  • 1 Support Task*

Please consider these important additional services

Is your website compliant?  You’ve probably seen it in the news – those greedy firms exploiting ADA regulations for financial benefit. Web accessibility can seem complex and overwhelming if you don’t know where to start, especially now – since the concept is in its infancy and everyone and their brother is rolling out their own requirements. So what can you do to minimize your risk of being targeted?
  • Go over every line of code in your website and rewrite it to be compliant with the ADA Requirements of the day or …
  • Get our helper app which ‘snaps-on’ to your website and adapts your website’s existing code and will increase compliance with WCAG 2.1 , ATAG 2.0 , ADA & Section 508 requirements. As requirements change, the helper app changes. Easy-Peasy.
What’s included in this upgrade?
  • App installation & maintenance
  • Custom ADA Statement
  • Custom website audit
Compliance options – choose 1
Website Care 1
What?  More Compliance?  Yup. Whether or not you do business in the EU or California, the trend of allowing website visitors to be in control of their historical growing. You’ve probably already seen tons of website popups for this. Here’s some info: General Data Protection Regulation The General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy for all individual citizens of the European Union and the European Economic Area. It also addresses the transfer of personal data outside the EU and EEA areas. California Consumer Privacy Act The California Consumer Privacy Act is a state statute intended to enhance privacy rights and consumer protection for residents of California, United States. Our web app helps you comply with GDPR privacy policy and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) by:
  • Scanning your website for cookies.
  • Getting consent from website visitors for using cookie data.
  • Keeping an exportable consent log.
  • Generating a third party cookie audit table.
Compliance options – choose 1
Website Care 1

Our Website Tune-Up is just like a service for your car. Each year we take our car into the mechanic and get the oil changed, the tires checked, the light bulbs tested etc. Just like a car, if you don’t maintain your website on a regular basis, it can get a bit loose and things might stop working as they did when you first got it.

car tuneup

Our Website Tune-Up includes:

  • Complete security scan to keep your visitors safe (+ malware removal)
  • Full website backup to save a copy of your valuable website data
  • Speed optimisation to improve website load time for your visitors
  • Website software upgrades for better security and latest WordPress features
  • Broken link scan and fixing for better SEO
  • Detailed website review and recommendations report


Also included is 2 hours of dedicated support, design & development time to help fix any issues and implement key recommendations.

Price: $497 single payment

NOTE:  Current clients are already on our servers and do not need to migrate.  😉

Our Website Care Plans include premium ‘Hosting’ on our fast & reliable LiquidWeb Cloud Servers.

Hosting is a term that defines the service of providing storage space, computing power, and internet bandwidth used to ‘serve’ your website to the visitors browser.

Many cheap hosts exist, offering ‘unlimited’ everything – and I know from experience – you’ll get what you pay for.

Buy me a Raspberry Mocha and I’ll tell you all about 2009.  (I’m almost over it)

Bottom line – you can stay where you’re at, and maybe that’s okay.  But if our cool features – like backups – choke on your server due to crappy code – subpar hardware – or 3500 other websites all fighting for the same CPU processing – well, that’s on you.  😉

So what is Migration?  It’s the process of moving your website bits from where it is to where it should be, and telling your URL to send people to the right server.

Depending on your domain Registrar (the people that hold your URL hostage and rent it back to you for $39/yr) the process can take 30 minutes – or several hours. That’s why we usually schedule this overnight or during a weekend to minimize disruption for web visitors and email.  Believe me – I earn every penny of that $300!

So go ahead and sign up for a care plan.  If you need migration, I’ll bill for it separately.

Got questions? We've got Answers.

frequently asked questions

Can I Sign Up For A Care Plan If You Didn't Make My Site?

Yes, there is a $300 onboarding fee for a site that we did not create, or a site that has not had a care plan with us in the last 3 months. We may also ask you to resolve issues with your site before we can onboard you.

Can I Change To A Different Plan After I Sign Up?

Yes, just let us know and we’ll make the adjustment at the next billing cycle.

Do I Have To Use Your Hosting Service?

As shown above, we include web hosting for your website with all of our Website Care Plans. You are not required to use this part of our service in order to purchase one of our plans.

One caveat though, every hosting service is different — they have different operating systems, configurations, features, etc. We may be restricted in some ways and may not be able to implement all of the features of our plans if you are hosted elsewhere.

If you prefer to move your website to our Premium Website Hosting, we offer migration for a one-off fee starting at $300.

*How Do 'Support Tasks' Work?

Just send us a support request or create an Asana task with clear instructions on the content you want to change on your website and I’ll let you know when it’s done – usually by the next business day.

Changes include any text or image change that will take 30 minutes or less. This typically covers things like updating a page, adding a post or editing your menu items.

These tasks do not cover advanced or custom features like an online shop, membership section or graphic design tasks.

These plans are active as of January 1, 2019. Current clients without plans will be migrated before September 1, 2020.

How Does Billing Work?

Your Credit Card or PayPal account will be charged automatically each month.

Do I Have To Agree To A Long Term Contract?

Nope. Your payments are made in advance of service, so if you cancel, your services will be terminated at the end of the current billing period.

How Do The Consultation Calls Work?

Consultations work best on the phone or a video call. The calls are up to an hour once a month. During the calls we will work together to identify areas of your website and strategy that can be improved, and come up with a list of action items for our team and yours. These consultation calls are reserved for our Premium care plan customers.

More Questions?

I get it.

This is a big step for you. It’s the difference between paying a vendor to finally get it right after 6 tries – and taking on an experienced partner that gets the job done and always steers you in the right direction.

Not sure if you’re ready? Me either.  Let’s find out.

Website Care 3