Update and things to consider


Hi folks – Here’s a video with a few things you might want to consider adding to your website, especially if parts of the way you do business have changed.  Also updating business listings, and the most important listing.

Black Friday Tool I use quite a bit

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Whenever I need to knock out a quick video, I turn to this first because it’s so simple to use.  They’re offering a great Black Friday deal, so I thought I’d share it. Check it out if you: Need to create social media videos but don’t want to buy an expensive video editing package Could […]

Malicious WordPress Redirect Campaign Attacking Several Plugins

hackers - website care plan

I use WordFence Security on all of my sites because of their reputation and solid software that scans my client websites, alerts me to potential issues and can isolate problem code.  They have a well-staffed detection team and in my opinion do the best job without a huge impact on server resources. Would you like […]

Website Security – Attacks from the U.K.

website security

I’m pretty interested in website security, because I’ve got a lot riding on my clients website up-time.  This morning I’ve received no less than 6 of these messages: Oddly, these attacks appear to originate from the U.K. As you can see in the image, they try to run several recent exploits against your website in […]

LinkedIn Live Video – 5 Fun New Ideas


LinkedIn Live Video – is it all hype or a useful tool for marketing?   That’s what we’ll look today. Live video has been around for a few years, with Facebook, YouTube and a handful of other platforms leading the pack – so why has it taken LinkedIn so long to adopt the feature?  Well, LinkedIn […]