LinkedIn Live Video – 5 Fun New Ideas


LinkedIn Live Video

– is it all hype or a useful tool for marketing?   That’s what we’ll look today.

Live video has been around for a few years, with Facebook, YouTube and a handful of other platforms leading the pack – so why has it taken LinkedIn so long to adopt the feature?  Well, LinkedIn is historically slow to adopt anything.  And Microsoft now owns them (since 2016) so there’s that.  😉  So if you need good content, live video is a great way to put it out quickly and start attracting visitors to your online properties.

Here’s a hint at why they may be finally adopting live video, from an a TechCrunch article:

LinkedIn wouldn’t comment on future monetization plans, and for now isn’t even putting video ads into LinkedIn Live videos. “That will come down the road, but for right now we are focused on awesome use cases,” said Peter Roybal, head of video product management, in an interview.

Video Transcription

Hey folks Ken here with Living Water Digital and just wanting him to take a real quick moment to talk about video since, uh, LinkedIn Live Video, uh, kind of, uh, you know, a business social networking platform. Uh, they’re always late to the game, but now they’re doing a live video, which I always encourage people to do if they’re so inclined because live video does really well in the search engines. That’s my primary appreciation of it.

Uh, but if you have a following and people that will tune in, it’s also good to interact with folks live. Um, so you don’t have to wait for questions and answers and stuff like that. You can get feedback immediately. On just about anything you’re talking about. So right now I’m looking at this a tech crunch article and I’ll have a link here in the media below the one of the video, but uh, talks about linkedin finally getting into the game.

And of course, you know, linkedin has been bought by Microsoft back in, I think it was 2016. And my experience is, anything that Microsoft touches, they screw it up. But you know, eventually maybe linkedin. Oh, catch up to where the other social media platforms and things like this. So I encourage you to read the article and see how it works and see if it’s something you’d like to get into.

Um, but anyway, video itself, whether it’s live or not is a great way to share content with folks that, uh, you were targeting in your marketing because videos are great experience. You get visual, you get audio, you can turn it into a text as well. Um, but it’s a great way to interact with folks. And so I encourage you that, uh, if you’re going to do video, make sure that you do video for all of the major platforms who your clients or people who are, um, who you’re marketing to follow.

So if, if that’s linkedin and it is for many small businesses, then uh, go, go live on Linkedin live video. And then, you know, if it’s Facebook or youtube, of course youtube is the big 800 pound gorilla and then go live there as well. But if you can’t go live, then just put some video out there. A lot of people are still new to video and I’m afraid that they won’t like how they look or sound or, or things of that nature.

But it’s really not that hard. You can even do video without you being on it much like this video is here. So anyway, uh, take a look at this article if you don’t know what you would do live. Uh, there’s another article here that talks about linkedin embracing video, but it’s got some tips that we’ll look at down here to Duh, Duh, Duh, Duh, Duh, Duh, Duh.

Oops, that was the wrong article. There it is. I’ll include a link to that too though. This little ad, Gosh, ads everywhere. Uh, so here’s some ideas. Fireside chats, product releases, demos or services, uh, live streaming conferences and events you attend. Uh, did that a lot when I was in Nashville. They’d have the podcast meetups and uh wordpress meetups and stuff like that. And you can stream straight from those things.

Um, Q and a sessions. That’s a great way to interact live. Uh, and then a wrap up of industry news. So, um, a couple of ideas here from inc com on what to do at all. I’ll include a link there, but uh, it’s, it’s really not as hard as you might imagine to do it. Um, if you’ve got an account, it’s and you’ve got a smart phone, it’s pretty easy. If you want to be a little more professional about that, you can do that.

Although that’s not always the best course of action. Sometimes it’s just whipping out the phone and doing a spur of the moment video. It gets more results. It gets more share. It was, it gets more likes and all that engagement. So anyway, just wanted to let you guys know that Linkedin is getting into the live video game and if you’re thinking about doing any live video at all and you do any B2b stuff, then this could be an act, uh, an avenue for you to consider.

All right, that’s all for now. We will talk to you again later. This is Ken from Living Water Digital hope you enjoyed it. If you’ve got any questions or comments, send them to me in an email or you can comment on the video below in the comment section. Uh, also, if you’re doing live video now, please comment. Yes. Doing live video. If you’re not, then say no, and then maybe a little blurb about why you haven’t done live video yet. That would be great. I’d love to see that information. All right, you guys. Bye. Bye.

LinkedIn Live Video ideas

from Inc.com

Fireside chats.

Consider hosting a fireside chat based on a topic related to your industry. Whether you take this from a talk you’ve given at a conference, on a YouTube video or something else entirely, walking viewers through a dense, well-structured idea or topic relevant to your niche can drive leads for your company.

Product releases and demos.

If your company sells a product, LinkedIn Live could be a great venue for you to showcase your latest feature or update. You could even unveil brand new products in your live video, and host giveaways of those products as an incentive for viewers to tune in and engage.

Live streaming conferences and events you attend.

LinkedIn is the ultimate social network for ambitious professionals, and these are the exact same people who typically show up at industry events ,  spanning small meetups to massive conferences. Because of this, live streaming conference activity could be a great way to drive results for your business on Linked, whether that activity is you interviewing speakers or giving your takeaways to the keynote presentation at the event.

Q&A sessions.

Another creative way to leverage LinkedIn Live is hosting Q&A sessions with movers and shakers in your industry. This can also be a great way to cross promote your audience with the interviewee’s followers, increasing brand awareness for your company.

A weekly wrap-up of industry news.

A final suggestion is hosting a weekly “wrap-up” of the biggest news and trends happening across your industry. This can help position you as an expert in your field without you having to commit the same amount of time and energy you’d have to spend writing a blog post or editing a YouTube video.

linkedin-live-videoMore news about LinkedIn Live Video launch:  https://www.prdaily.com/linkedin-embraces-video-with-livestreaming-tool/

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