Should I use Call History in Google Business Profile?

Should I use Call History in Google Business Profile?

Google call history inviteGoogle is rolling out a new service for Google Business Profile users – hopefully you are one by now.  For many GBP is the primary marketing tool they use because it’s easy to set up, and if done right can get you on the first page of search results.

Call History has a few functions – it basically intercepts calls made from the *call * button using a Google-supplied phone number, forwards the call to you with an audible message so you’ll know this call came from your GBP listing.

example Google Business Profile listing



In the past, people would change their actual business number to a tracking number so they could differentiate between incoming calls, but that can create confusion among your callers unless it’s done right.  In this case, your actual business number is displayed and the caller isn’t aware of the Google forward.

So, should you activate Call History when you’re eligible?  It depends on if you’re doing some sophisticated marketing already.  There are some pretty cool things you can do in this arena, like logic-based forwarding, SMS notifications, CRM integrations, etc. 

If you’ve already got this covered, I’d say don’t bother with Call History, because your solution probably has all of this covered already – including the reporting.

On the other hand, if you don’t have an agency helping you with these things, Call History might be a good thing for you.  You’ll be able to see – even over time – how many calls come from your listing.  Your calls are also saved for 45 days so you can review them later if needed.

One caveat – Google is famous for launching really cool stuff, and later if they deem it not profitable or used enough – they often pull the plug on it, leaving you scrambling to find an alternative.   Not saying it will happen to Call History, but I’ve been burned a few times.  🙁

Need any help with this sort of thing?  Check my calendar to find a good time to chat.

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