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Think you're a

You’re also in Marketing.
(We’re all in Marketing).

But you probably shouldn’t be doing the work.

Dump a chore. Gain a Pro.


Get Results with Online Marketing

Ever feel like your marketing just doesn’t produce results… if you can track it at all?

Well, you’d be right. Most social media ‘gurus’, telephone directories and traditional media outlets are selling us ‘marketing plans’ based on chasing ‘views’, ‘likes’ and ‘shares’. So when’s the last time you’ve made payroll with likes and shares?

Fact is, most of these off-the-shelf ad salesmen don’t take the time to find out what really resonates with and brings value to your audience.

You work hard every day to make sure your clients get a great value. So why shouldn’t your marketing partner?

The sooner you make the transition to a value-driven, results oriented marketing firm – the sooner you’ll check marketing off your list and kiss the one-size-fits-all vendors goodbye.


Here's the breakdown.


We'll start with a Discovery session that explores your processes and goals, enhancing your existing efforts and determining what work is required to achieve the desired results.

Optimize. Everything.

Website content. Offsite content. Online Directories. Media. For success, you need a holistic approach to your online presence. We'll make this happen based on your discovery session.

Create. Curate.

In order to gain the greatest impact, we'll create, curate and syndicate compelling articles, social media posts, video and other content designed to convert your visitors to action-takers.


There's not much point in marketing if your can't convert your online visitors to action-takers. We'll examine the visitor journey for opportunities or bottlenecks so that your marketing will finally start to pay for itself. 😉


We'll track your progress together and periodically you'll receive an easy to read report showing you the work we've completed and your marketing metrics so you'll never have to wonder if this stuff works. What will you do with the time we've saved you? 🙂


As we gather data from analytics, split-testing etc., or other opportunities such as new directories or social sites that trend, we'll advise a course of action in order to maintain the highest ROI for your marketing spend.

Marketing Retainers


You want to OWN the marketplace
$ 1997 Monthly
  • No Long-Term Contracts
  • Up to 3 optimized articles / week
  • Up to 3 optimized videos / week
  • Multiple daily Social Media posts
  • Link Tracking
  • Dynamic CTA (Call to Action)
  • Content Syndication
  • Evergreen Content Scheduling
  • Landing Page optimization
  • Split testing
  • Custom Analytics
  • Call Tracking, if desired.
  • Performance Report
  • Periodic Strategy Call


New or Expanding Markets
$ 997
  • No Long-Term Contracts
  • Weekly optimized article
  • Weekly optimized video
  • 1 or more DAILY Social Media posts
  • Link Tracking
  • Dynamic CTA (Call to Action)
  • Performance Report


Maintenance Activity
$ 497 Monthly
  • No Long-Term Contracts
  • One industry related article
  • One industry related video
  • 1-5 Social Media posts
  • Performance Report

à la carte

The following services are available independently.

  • Discovery Session – 297
  • Optimized Article – 197
  • Optimized Video – 297
  • Social Media posting – 97/mo
  • Link Tracking – 47/mo
  • Dynamic CTA (Call to Action) – 47/mo
  • Evergreen Content Scheduling – 297/yr
  • Landing Page Optimization – 297
  • Split Testing Elements – 297/element
  • Custom Analytics – 497
  • Call Tracking – 97/mo
  • Strategy Call – 197

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose which retainer I need?

  • Premium – best for faster results and market flexibility.
  • Business – great for new organizations that don’t have a fully-developed online presence, need to expand to additional markets or have well-established competitors.
  • Basic – just what you need to maintain the status-quo.

Nope. Your payments are made in advance of service, so if you cancel, your services will be terminated at the end of the current billing period.

Yes, so long as your web infrastructure is stable and up to date.  Websites that don’t support certain functionality may be unable to take advantage of newer marketing technology.  Some Godaddy and many ‘DIY’ websites lack these critical parts.

In this case, you may wish to upgrade your website before spending marketing dollars sending visitors to it.

Yes, just let us know and we’ll make the adjustment at the next billing cycle. 

Sometimes, based on your goals we may advise starting off at a higher retainage to quickly attain results, then drop down to a maintenance level.

In other cases people decide to begin on a maintenance level, see that it works, then upgrade for more impact or to expand your market.

Your Credit Card or PayPal account will be charged automatically each month.

Strategy consultations work best on the phone or a video call. The calls are up to an hour once a month. During the strategy calls we will work together to identify areas of your website and strategy that can be improved, and come up with a list of action items for our team and yours. These consultation calls are reserved for our Premium marketing retainer customers.

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