Pink Heals of Manitowoc County

A popular non-profit that helps so many in Manitowoc County needed a little help this time.

“Ken is such a pleasure to work with – we greatly appreciate all the help he has given Pink Heals over the years.”

Amanda Krueger
Pink Heals of Manitowoc County

The Problem

Pink Heals of Manitowoc County serves area families of cancer victims with visits, hugs, financial assistance, and love.  You’ll often find them at local events and parades. They needed an online presence to expand their reach and simplify requests for visits. They didn’t want a fancy site but needed someone who could help them implement the design their national office developed.

The Solution

We were able to take the National office’s vision and incorporate that into an easy to use website that allows them to add content and integrate their online calendar of choice. Living Water Digital also provides training when needed for volunteers who contribute content, so they can spend more time giving hugs and less time in front of a keyboard. ;)

The Results

Pink Heals’ website takes some of the admin burdens from volunteers by utilizing online forms to gather information, downloadable documents for visitors, links to time-tracking services for volunteers, and informative posts and a calendar for the general public to stay informed of local events.