Family Staffing Solutions, Inc.

"Vintage. And purple. Hmm, okay - now add a little more purple."

“Ken Ivey and the entire staff at Living Water Digital are amazing! There is no question they can’t answer and no problem they can’t solve! It is a pleasure to work with them!”

Jenny Robinson
Family Staffing Solutions, Inc.

The Problem

Our client since 2006, Family Staffing Solutions provides in-home care to seniors so that they can “Stay Independent • At Home • In Charge®.” Even before Facebook was a thing – Family Staffing Solutions was an early adopter of technology. The thing is, their target audience was not. They needed something to bridge the gap.

The Solution

One of FSS’s most popular communication pieces was the seasonal newsletter. We featured the website in it and made it available on the website as a download, which drew more readers online. Through the years, the blog and social media have taken the place of the newsletter. Though the website has undergone a few transitions as technology changed, the overall look and feel of the site – “vintage” and the legendary FSS purple motif, has endured. The in-house blog and company location ‘home’ pages are a hub of information and attract Google traffic. As online reviews increased in popularity, they have been integrated into the website.

The Results

The website performs well as a directory for company locations and overall contact information as well as “Social proof” in the form of online reviews. Social media plays a huge role in website traffic, and frequently highlights Family Staffing client and staff milestones.