Capitol Civic Centre

This very popular site went from a sluggish experience to speedy and responsive with a Website Tune-Up.

“Living Water Digital is the solution for every professional in need of Web analysis, optimization, hosting, and more. Ken Ivey presents solutions intuitively and thoroughly. He has helped our business and I’m confident he can help yours, as well. I trust and recommend Ken and Living Water Digital!”

Lori Kirby
Capitol Civic Centre

The Problem

Lori manages the Capitol Civic Centre’s website and came to us looking for help with the user experience. The website was extremely slow, with some elements taking up to 2 1/2 minutes to fully load! This was frustrating to visitors of the extremely popular website.

The Solution

After analyzing several internal and external factors that affect website performance, we performed our ‘Website Tune-Up’ which identifies and rectifies code inefficiencies, optimizes web files, etc., then migrated the website to our professional-grade server.

The Results

The Capitol Civic Centre’s website is now fast-loading and mobile-efficient, using much less data on mobile devices. They are now a website care plan client, so the website will always be operating at peak performance.