What WordPress theme should I use?

what wordpress theme should I use

So you’ve graduated from your DIY website and are wondering what WordPress theme should I use?  Well, you’ve already done some homework and discovered that the WordPress platform is the designers’ weapon of choice and that it powers a great deal of the web.  Now all you have to do is decide which ‘Stunning Design’ […]

You need a website care plan in 2020

You need a website care plan in 2020 1

Most folks build a website and then they forget about it. They hope that it’ll bring in some new business or maybe get a few newsletter sign-ups and that’s pretty much it. They really don’t give their website much thought until there’s a problem. Here are a few reasons you might want to consider a […]

WordPress Security – 14 Great-ish tips from Godaddy


WordPress security is top-of-mind in our house.  Things are bad, and just getting worse.  Be prepared! This article was originally published on Oct. 20, 2017, and was updated on Sept. 9, 2019.  I’m including some excerpts from this article not because I’m a big fan of Godaddy hosting (I used to be, but not now […]

Website Hacked. Got Backups?

Website Hacked. Got Backups? 3

Hacked? A good backup is priceless. Start regular backups now in concert with security scans and uptime monitoring. Great insurance for important website owners.

Malicious WordPress Redirect Campaign Attacking Several Plugins

hackers - website care plan

I use WordFence Security on all of my sites because of their reputation and solid software that scans my client websites, alerts me to potential issues and can isolate problem code.  They have a well-staffed detection team and in my opinion do the best job without a huge impact on server resources. Would you like […]

Website Security – Attacks from the U.K.

website security

I’m pretty interested in website security, because I’ve got a lot riding on my clients website up-time.  This morning I’ve received no less than 6 of these messages: Oddly, these attacks appear to originate from the U.K. As you can see in the image, they try to run several recent exploits against your website in […]

Website Security in a constant threat environment

hacker - website security

I was reading a Website Security journal the other day and an article brought to mind an incident some 10 years ago that shaped the future of my company.  Some of my clients can remember when their website went down in 2009.  The cause?  A hardware failure on a server farm.  This was back before […]