Website Security in a constant threat environment

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website-securityI was reading a Website Security journal the other day and an article brought to mind an incident some 10 years ago that shaped the future of my company.  Some of my clients can remember when their website went down in 2009.  The cause?  A hardware failure on a server farm.  This was back before cloud backups were ubiquitous, and my web host stored backups, images and live websites all on the same machine.  Yikes.  I had to rebuild every website from backups I had (that didn’t include the latest content updates) and scraps from Google and other archives on the web.  Not. Even. Fun.

While most sites were restored within a few days, it was about 3 months before everyone was back up and running.  That was a learning experience.  At the time, I knew little about servers and such.  I was a designer after all.

Website Security Threat

These days, the threat of hardware failure has been replaced largely by hackers who desire to turn your website into a botnet which attacks other websites – or they simply hold your data for ransom.

Website Security threat prevention or mitigation?

I regularly am contacted by folks who’ve heard about me through existing clients and need someone to ‘fix’ their website.  I can tell you from experience – it’s a lot easier to prevent a website intrusion than to ‘fix’ it after the fact.  These calls have become so common that I’ve rolled out Website Security features into our Website Care plans.  Depending on the plan, we shedule intense scans to detect any anomalies.  Our care plans include measures to repel attacks as well as rapidly mitigate any breaches.

Since we use the most popular website platform for our clients, we’re especially sensitive to reported attacks targeting it.

If you’ve watched the video above, you know that this guy’s pretty sharp – and even his own site was recently hacked!  So even if you think you’re doing everything right, it can still happen.  That’s why it’s important to have a reliable – let me say that again – RELIABLE website restoration plan that’s easy to use and fast, so that you can roll back the site to a pre-hack state.  Often the ‘free’ backup plugins or services are worth what you’ve paid for them due to their complexity or need to access server resources that may be unavailable due to the hack.

I recently had to roll back a website that had software issues.  It took about 45 seconds.  So much easier than building from scratch!  😉

If you’re ready to protect your valuable investment with the website security features in our care plans, you can choose one here.

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