Website Hacked. Got Backups?

Hacked? A good backup is priceless. Start regular backups now in concert with security scans and uptime monitoring. Great insurance for important website owners.

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I was scrolling through Facebook yesterday and ran across a number of posts like this.

Unfortunately at this point – security scans, firewalls, malware software are a moot point and ineffective after the intrusion.

When it comes to your online presence, the best offense is always a great defense. Make sure you’re backing up your site as often as warranted so you can recover relatively quickly. E-commerce and busy sites should be backed up several times daily. If your site is rarely updated, monthly might be sufficient. But you’ll want to have a few older backups on hand, because you may not know when the breach occurred.

It also pays to do regular security scans so you’ll know if something seems fishy.

I know a local business that was hacked a few years ago and didn’t have these basic protections in place. It took a few days to scrape up the info necessary to rebuild it, and in the meantime they couldn’t get any online estimate requests and they were basically invisible in search results.

Like the Facebook poster, it wasn’t a good day for them.

And don’t get me started on my 2009 experience. What a learning experience for me.

At any given time, there are literally hundreds of attempts to breach YOUR website. Don’t believe me? Check your logs. It’s true. Are you prepared to block, or if necessary, mitigate the risk?

My website care clients are. Which helps ME sleep at night. ?

Learn more about website care here, or contact me if you need advice.

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