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Search queries indicate buying intent?

search query reveals intent


I usually like articles from Website Magazine, they’ve been around forever and used to have relevant stuff.  Lately it seems like they’re just trying to fill up space.  Here’s the title of a recent article:

Search Query Language Reveals Behavioral Insights into Purchase Intent

You don’t say.   lol….    I think most of us already knew that.  Give us tactics, techniques, something we can use!    Well, they tried…

Performics and Northwestern University, in partnership with the Bing Search Network, have released a new study…

We found that search queries that contain fewer concrete words and more abstract words, like ‘why,’ indicate an abstract mindset, which tends to occur early in the purchase journey. Concrete queries, like ‘shop,’ indicate a shorter distance to action.


The fact is, the search engines will tell you what people are searching for.  You can determine for yourself the buying intent and craft your content toward those searches and get more (and better) traffic to your website, social media etc.  If you need some help, hit me up.

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