Google adds Banner function to Optimize

Google adds Banner function to Optimize 2

I received an email this morning from Google highlighting a new function to show a banner (in this case specifically a COVID-19 banner) on your website. Not everyone is familiar with Google Optimize, so here’s the Cliff Note:  It’s a website add-in installed via web code, which allows you to split-test (some call it A/B […]

Wix vs WordPress vs Squarespace – which should I choose?


I get asked this question a lot – especially from new clients who’ve invested in Wix or Squarespace and are considering my marketing or website care plans.  The answer really depends on what stage of growth your organization is at. For fledgling operations, Wix or Squarespace and be a viable option, especially if you just […]

How important is website speed?

website speed

Google Webmasters breaks it down in this video. There are a ton of ‘website speed graders’ and some folks get hung up on whether their site gets an ‘A’ or ‘100’ because they read some guru on some marketing list – the fact is, all of these tools measure different things – Martin even asks […]

Google update

I rarely post on SEO stuff (because it changes almost daily) but this is kind of an important update for my friends who are business owners or otherwise depend on the Web for new clients or sales.

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Google Analytics Summit – Marketers Want More Data

As a marketer (and we all are) more information is better.  Google’s event will have folks from all over the country getting together to plan how to get more – and better – information from our shopping habits. As they have for years, Google Analytics Certified Partners, Premium customers and developers will once again join […]