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No Contracts - Proven Internet Marketing Strategies - 27 Years Experience

Ever feel like you're paying way too much for something that you really don't understand - and you can't be sure really works?  Don't feel bad.  Those guys have developed a near-perfect sales pitch designed to drain your marketing budget and lock you into lengthy contracts that you can't escape - even if they don't produce results!  And when you stop paying - you don't even own your advertising.  :( We do things differently, because we care about your success.  No contracts. No Mumbo-Jumbo.  Just results.  Within your budget.  We like things simple. How about you?  If so, let us know how we can help.

Ken Ivey, affectionately dubbed ‘the Web Czar’ by peers – has been helping businesses embrace technology for 27 years. Ken works with clients in the financial sector, professional services like Law and Medical practices, Retail, Non-Profits and has an affinity for the Construction and Senior Services industry.

Marketing, especially Digital Marketing – is an ever-changing landscape. What worked last year may fizzle this year. New technology rapidly changes the medium – but not the message. Using state-of-the-art tools and time tested strategies, we’ll make sure you don’t get lost in a crowded marketplace.

We strive to honor The Lord in the marketplace. Much of our success can ultimately be traced back to remaining true to this principle. Our growth is simply a side-effect of working with organizations that believe – as we do – that strong businesses can shape our community for the better.

Why Choose Us?

We Get Results

We've watched the web grow from a series of interconnected bulletin boards to what it is today, and how it's shaped our everyday lives. Tapping into the web to grow your business is smart marketing.

No Phony Bologna

We won't insult you by puking out the latest marketing buzzwords - that's all cr*p designed to justify a 1st year "web sales school" minion's job at a second-rate media house. We give it to you straight.

Customized Solutions

We know there is no cookie cutter solution for marketing your business which is why we don’t offer one. We take each business's unique selling position into account and build a strategy that will get the best possible return for your budget.
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